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As our mission states, we 're focused on providing a high-quality, sober living environment where individuals can effectively learn processes necessary to lead productive lives by directly addressing many of the challenges encountered in early sobriety.

Our unique program structure is personalized to connect with each man's specific recovery needs, and strengthen positive responses to therapy. Success will see thriving, more responsible and contributing men evolve from our treatment methods.



We manage by means of financial gifts from individuals and generous companies who believe in our mission and the plight of many where recovery would not be feasible without this resource. It honestly comes down to living or dying for some and we 're here to make life their option; affording treatment should not be a determining factor.

Programs, Services & Class Offerings 
  • 12-Step based Sobriety Programs

  • Multiple Group Therapy Sessions, 5 days-a-week

  • Highly disciplined controlled environment

  • Anger Management Counseling

  • Parenting Classes and Counseling

  • Addiction Services tailored specific to resident

  • On-site Chapel for personal meditation

  • Family Counseling* (confidential)

  • Assessment Services available (drug/alcohol) for residents and outside referrals

*optional program for residents and their family members

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