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Program Overview 

Enter "The House" for a serious and life changing 8-month supervised in-house commitment.

Phase 1
Month 1 & 2
Clean-up Program 

  • Gentlemen are provided a safe place to recover

  • Structured lifestyle/or 2 months

  • Drug free and alcohol-free facility

  • Attend Group Therapy Sessions, 5 daily

  • Attend daily 12-Step Meetings days

  • Meals provided for residents

  • Laundry facilities provided on-site

  • Family visitation on Sundays

IMG_2289_group room.jpg
Phase 2
Months 3 to 8
3/4 Program

During these transition months, residents continue with individual recovery and addiction therapy, but are allowed to leave The Absolute House for mainstream work/employment and return to the structured environment for group sessions and counseling. Phase two residents attend nightly 12-step meetings

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